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Our Secret Sauce
We encourage our team members to focus on these five traits.

Versatile Adaptor

Adept at adjusting to new situations and challenges.

Empathetic Connector

Fosters strong connections and support within the team.


We encourage creativity and exploration.

Insightful Analysis

Leverages data and insights to drive informed decisions.

Resiliently Optimistic

Maintains a positive outlook and perseveres through challenges.

How We Hire
Our entire process is conducted remotely. All communication is done through email or Google Meet video calls. These calls are one-on-one and usually last between 15 to 30 minutes.

01. Recruiter Interview

Engage in a conversation with us about your career and goals. We'll also tell you more about ZURE, the role, and our process.

02. Technical Interview

During this interview, we aim to understand your technical skills and problem-solving approach.

03. Soft Skill Interview

In this interview, you'll talk with a team leader or peer who will check your soft skills and explain what we expect for this job.

04. Final Interview

Our co-founders meet with every candidate as the final step. Hear directly from them about ZURE's mission, vision and values.

Open Positions

Sorry, there are no open positions currently. Send us your CVs for future roles by clicking: Apply Now.

Frequently asked questions

What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that lets you rent web space on the internet to publish a web site. Email services are usually also included in most web hosting packages. Same goes for the domain registration of your first site name. The domain name is the address people enter in their browsers to access a specific website.

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